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Jalisco calls to get vaccinated with Nurse Joy from Pokémon | Digital Trends Spanish

The government of Jalisco wants the young adult population to register for the COVID-19 vaccine, and to get their attention, it has used references to a popular franchise of video games, series and more: Pokémon.

That is why, on the social networks of the government of Jalisco, this week the image of a Pokémon center appeared. As seen, it stars Nurse Joy and some Pokémon, such as Ditto, Squirtle, Charmander, Snorlax, and Psyduck.

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The doses available for this week to those over 18 years old have been assigned. Stay tuned to our official channels where we will announce the opening of new vaccination days. pic.twitter.com/Y5z1pl43rr

& mdash; Government of Jalisco (@GobiernoJalisco) September 1, 2021

The announcement itself thanked the people who participated in the vaccine process and reported that the registry had been closed. He also mentioned that later another vaccination day would be announced so that no person between 18 and 29 years old would be left without protection.

This is not the only time that the Government of Jalisco has used popular references to call the population to be vaccinated. In late August, the administration released a picture that featured Rei Ayanami from the anime. Evangelion. East ad it reported on the opening of a registry of appointments for vaccination in different cities, and it was a success.

In addition, in July, the state government raised a 16 bit image aimed at people from 30 to 39 years old. This poster made reference to Livestrong bracelets, the legendary MSN Messenger instant messaging service and the Nokia 3220 cell phone.

The images were well received by people who knew the references on social networks. In general, people celebrated and congratulated the efforts of the graphic department of the Government of Jalisco, since they hit the mark with the advertisements dedicated to different audiences.

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