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James Bond fan, these are your next headphones | Digital Trends Spanish

It is the 60th anniversary of the film debut of james-bond in dr no 1962, and to commemorate the event, British audio giant Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) has released a special 007-themed edition of its flagship Px8 wireless noise-canceling headphones. The Px8 007 Edition it can be reserved for $802 exclusively on the 007 Store website and will start shipping in late October. After October 26, you will be able to purchase them at a select group of other retailers.

Bowers and Wilkins

The Px8 007 Edition is just over $100 more than the already expensive $699 standard px8, so you may be wondering what you’re getting for that extra investment. Unfortunately, you won’t find any smart features of spy gadget created by Q, such as exploding headphones, or the ability to emit a deafening, high-pitched screech. Instead, the 007 edition comes dressed in an elegant and unique midnight blue colourway, an homage to the tuxedo Sean Connery wore in 1962 when he brought the world’s most famous spy to life.

Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No.
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They also have three other distinctive features: a 007 logo is printed on the top edge of the right ear cup, the iconic gun barrel graphic from the opening sequence of every Bond film has been silk-screened on the inside of the ear pads and button. ignition has received a subtle red color treatment.

But aside from these purely cosmetic changes, and a presumably limited number of units available (B&W hasn’t said how many will be made), there’s no difference between the James Bond version and the regular Px8.

Both models feature a custom set of 40-millimeter “ultra-high-resolution” carbon cone drivers that are angled inside each earcup, a design the company says will produce less distortion and better resolution. On the materials front, the cans have been constructed from die-cast aluminum and Nappa leather trim for the ear pads and headband. Plus, you can choose between black or tan finishes.

Qualcomm’s aptX adaptive Bluetooth codec combined with B&W’s digital signal processing (DSP) is said to deliver 24-bit audio with “exceptional quality.” They offer active noise cancellation technology, with four microphones dedicated to blocking out unwanted sounds, and battery life is rated at 30 hours, with a 15-minute quick charge time for an additional seven hours of playback time.

That’s a hefty price to pay for a set of wireless earphones, but if you’ve got the means, and there’s a 007 fan in your life, these could be the perfect gift.

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