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James Webb Space Telescope: Danish astronomer shows another photo | Digital Trends Spanish

The James Webb Space Telescope will continue from now on delighting us with spectacular images of the universe. And now it was neither NASA nor the European Space Agency that discovered a new photo, but rather a Danish astronomer.

Gabriel Brammera Danish scientist who works as a professor at the Niels Bohr Institute of the University of Copenhagen, in Denmark, obtained this new photo by processing public data from James Webb, accessible to anyone in the world.

The image is about the spiral galaxy NGC 628, known as Messier 74.

we are drinking from a firehose… @NASAWebb #phangs @gblancm @karinsandstrom @astrojysun @styrofoamplates @InappTom @GalaxyGroves last galaxy for another month…

— Dr Janice Lee (@janiceleeastro) July 18, 2022

Brammer has created this image of the galaxy Messier 74 or NGC 628 from raw data from three of the MIRI instrument’s filters.

Allison Kirkpatrickan astronomy professor at the University of Kansas, has posted a photograph comparing the James Webb photo with one from the telescope ‘spitzer’ to the same galaxy. The difference in definition is abysmal in favor of Webb.

“While the telescope is a great resource, we have also made similar improvements to the technology to process the data and distribute it so that anyone from astronomers to non-experts can explore the data in this way,” Brammer said.

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