Saturday, September 25

Japan investigates the death of two people vaccinated with batches from Spain

The Government of Japan has reported the death of two people who had been vaccinated with one of the Moderna batches from Spain that were blocked after contamination was detected in some doses, without it being known for the moment if there is a connection between these events.

One of the two deaths has been reported “as a possible reaction to the vaccine”, and the other was registered after the Japanese authorities paralyzed the use of the batches in question. “There have been two cases of deaths after vaccination with one of the corresponding batches produced in the same factory and in the same period,” said the Japanese Ministry of Health in a statement published this Saturday.

The Japanese Ministry considers that both cases could be “suspected” of constituting a reaction to the vaccine, although it specifies that at the moment it is unknown if there is a direct connection between the deaths and vaccination.

The Japanese Ministry has been reporting all deaths in vaccinated people “in order to provide transparency” to its system to monitor the safety of anticovid drugs, and stated that “it will assess and study the relationship and possible causes” of the deaths in a committee of experts.

After detecting anomalous substances in several dozen vials of Moderna produced in Spain, the Japanese authorities announced last Thursday the precautionary blockade of 1.63 million doses from the same Spanish plant, which were to be used or had already been inoculated some patients.

The Spanish company Rovi is the main supplier of the Moderna vaccine in the Asian country, distributed in Japan by the local company Takeda. The detection of anomalous particles in some of the vials affects a batch of the product “distributed exclusively in Japan,” Rovi said last Thursday in a statement addressed to the National Securities Market Commission.

Most of the blocked batches had already been distributed to mass vaccination centers in Japan, companies and other agencies in charge of inoculation, and a part of the doses had already been used in patients, according to the Japanese authorities, who have not given specific data on how many people would have received vaccines from the blocked games.

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