Friday, September 24

Japanese Prime Minister Suga Will Not Seek Re-election As Leader Of His Party



Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga will not seek re-election as leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) in the elections called for this month, September, with which he would resign as head of government, as reported by the NHK chain.

Suga would have announced his decision on Friday at an extraordinary meeting of the party, which he planned to holdr primary elections on September 29, one day before the end of the term of the current prime minister.

His resignation from running to preside over the PLD would mean his end as head of office. In case of running and being reelected, Suga, who has the support of different sections of the party, would remain at the head of the formation and would be the next candidate in the general elections.

The popularity of Suga slumped to 26 percent due to his management of the coronavirus pandemic, which is the lowest level since he took office in September 2020 following the resignation of Shinzo Abe.

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