Sunday, January 29

Jason Kenney calls on Trudeau, Biden to ‘exercise common sense’ on truckers vaccine mandate

‘We’re concerned about the supply chain challenges facing North America’

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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is urging Ottawa and Washington to exercise common sense and exempt truckers from vaccine mandates at the border ahead as he meets with US governors.

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The premier spoke to BNN/Bloomberg from Washington, DC, Friday where the National Governors Association meeting was being held.

“The decision to require unvaccinated truckers to quarantine after they cross the border has basically taken thousands of long-haul truckers out of the cross-border transportation logistics system,” said Kenney, adding supply shortages will grow fuelling more inflation.

Alberta is “just calling on the two federal governments to simply exercise a bit of common sense here and to extend an exemption for unvaccinated cross-border truckers.”

Kenney said the truckers work in their cabs alone and he believes they don’t present a public health risk.

“This policy I don’t think makes any compelling public-health sense, but it will worsen what we know is a growing supply chain issue,” he said.