Friday, September 24

Javier Lambán revalidates without opposition his leadership at the head of the Aragonese PSOE

The current secretary general of the PSOE Aragón and regional president, Javier Lambán, will renew his leadership at the head of the organization and will revalidate his responsibilities within the framework of the 17th Congress to be held on November 6 and 7. His candidacy has been the only one presented to hold the general secretary of the party in the community. Accompanied by representatives of the Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel federations, Javier Lambán thanked the “commitment and support” of his colleagues from the three provinces.

Lambán had a few words of gratitude for all of them because “they are the ones who make this party a great party, a party that governs most of the Aragonese institutions, a lively, young party with a vocation for the future.” , has stated that at this time “the PSOE Aragón is the only party capable of promoting major agreements, of promoting the development of our community as a shared project, the only one that can provide stability to Aragon through transversality, dialogue , moderation and extreme defense of self-government ”, he explained.

In the same way, he recalled that the Aragonese socialists have managed to provide the community with social and political stability that has become a factor for attracting investment, generating wealth and employment that must be maintained “against all odds ”. “When the Government of Aragon was constituted, some did not predict a long life span, but we have proven to be a cohesive government committed to the defense and interest of Aragon around the Statute of Autonomy and the institutions of self-government”, has influenced .

In addition, the general secretary of the Aragonese socialists has explained that transversality, moderation and social and political dialogue “is something that in all of Spain is assimilated with Aragon and from the PSOE we are going to continue raising that flag, because we are the only party that we can do it ”. On the congressional process in which the organization is immersed, which will culminate in the 17th Congress and which will serve to “relaunch” a political project that “in six years has managed to solve many of the stuck problems that we encountered when we came to the government”, Lambán He has explained the two fundamental pillars on which it will be based: Social Democracy and Aragoneseism.

Lambán stressed that the PSOE Aragón is a social democratic party that “will continue to promote social, green and digital economic growth to distribute wealth, strengthen public services and guarantee equal opportunities for all citizens.” Regarding the second of the pillars, he has shown his intention to continue promoting Aragoneseism because “we are the only ones capable of bringing together cross-cutting agreements, leaving sectarianism and radicalism aside” and has invited the entire Aragonese society “so that we are able to understand our community as a common project ”.

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