Monday, December 4

Javier Madrazo, former advisor to Ibarretxe and former leader of the IU in Euskadi also asks for the vote for EH Bildu

The former leader of the old Basque brand of IU (Ezker Batua, EB) and former councilor with Juan José Ibarretxe, Javier Madrazo (Riaño, 1960), has also asked for the vote for EH Bildu as the former socialist councilor with Patxi López Gemma Zabaleta did before. or the ex-magistrate threatened by ETA Manuel Díaz de Rábago. Madrazo, who ended up split from the IU and amid internal controversies, initially tried to get closer to Podemos when it emerged, although for months now he has participated in some events with the nationalist coalition.

Ortuzar considers it a “shame” that EH Bildu campaigns with a “Spanish judge”


The circumstance occurs that a split of that EB headed by Oskar Matute, now a reference leader in EH Bildu, constituted a new party called Alternatiba. In fact, Matute was the visible head of the critics of Madrazo. In addition, after the split there was also a confrontation between the IU and its Basque branch that ended with regional elections in which EB competed against the true IU brand, renamed Ezker Anitza, and in which both factions were left unrepresented. Of course, a good part of the current social mass of Alternatiba was never with Madrazo in EB.

Madrazo has communicated his support for EH Bildu in a letter published in ‘Gara‘ and it also does so from positions that are not strictly pro-independence. “EH Bildu’s candidacies deserve a good result in the municipal and regional elections to become the axis of a real left-wing alternative in Euskadi. I am confident in your commitment to building a space for plural coexistence, in which independentists, federalists and confederalists, as is my case, can collaborate, putting the most immediate needs of the people in the foreground ”, he wrote.

And he adds: “The Basque Country needs a change of direction, but the change will not come from those who have led us to this situation. His time shows clear signs of being exhausted and the time has come to think of an alternative and bet on it. Resignation is never the solution. Known bad is no better than unknown good. We have been an example of good practices in social policies, we have been proud of our self-government, we have championed the promotion of public rental housing and we have always looked to the future with hope. Now, instead, impotence and frustration prevail. Uncertainty invades us and this feeling collides head-on with the grandiose and laudatory messages of those who have governed us for more than forty years”. He also understands that “the much acclaimed stability, based on the PNV-PSE alliance, is just a euphemism to hide the ineffectiveness of managers without initiative or ambition, overwhelmed by events.”

“I know that EH Bildu’s commitment to the constitution of a broad left-wing front is sincere and I believe that they act responsibly where they have the capacity to influence and their vote is decisive. For that reason alone, on May 28 I decided to give them a chance”, concludes Madrazo.