Wednesday, July 6

Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey create The Bitcoin Academy | Digital Trends Spanish

A very particular alliance will make the rapper Jay Z and the founder of Twitter, jack dorseywho joined forces to create The Bitcoin Academy, aimed at educating inhabitants of the musician’s childhood neighborhood about cryptocurrencies fortnightly.

The project wants to encourage the use of digital money, and will be offered in person and online, for residents of the Marcy Houses public housing complex in Brooklyn, New York.

The academy website He promises that his classes will “empower the community with knowledge and get rid of some of the barriers so residents can learn more about Bitcoin specifically and finance in general.” The only named instructors are two bitcoin influencers, Lamar Wilson and Najah J. Roberts, who promise they will teach people “about Bitcoin, how it works, why you should care, and how to build your own financial future.”

Details of the exact curriculum of the academy are unclear, but rolling stone reports that planned classes include “What is money?”, “What is cryptocurrency?”, “What is Blockchain?” and “How to stay safe from scammers.” Attendees will receive free MiFi devices, smartphones and a year of data to help them follow the lessons.

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