Saturday, September 25

Jean-Paul Belmondo, myth of French cinema, dies

Jean-Paul Belmondo’s actor, one of the most famous faces in French cinema thanks to performances such as that of Pierrot the crazy or At the end of the getaway, de Godard, has died at the age of 88, as confirmed by his lawyer to Agence France-Presse.

Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1933, he was one of the most famous faces of the nouvelle vague thanks to the protagonist of Jean-Luc Godard’s first feature film, At the end of the getaway (1959). He studied theater at the Paris Conservatory and performed for several years on provincial stages before setting out to conquer the Parisian theater; he also played supporting roles in various films.

Your role in At the end of the getaway made him one of the stars of French cinema and an icon, which he would reinforce with Pierrot le fou (Pierrot the crazy, 1965), starring again by Belmondo and a milestone in the cinema of the 60s. A film after which the label of ‘enfant terrible’ would be difficult to forget.

His on-screen magnetism brought him great popularity around the world. After his consecration, he appeared in numerous productions, premiering up to five to six films a year throughout the 1960s. It got to appear, in ten years, in almost fifty films of international production. From this decade, titles such as Two women (1960), by Vittorio de Sica; The confidant (1962); The scammer (1963), who co-starred with Jeanne Moreau; The thief of paris (1967) by Louis Malle; François Truffaut’s film The Mississippi Mermaid (1969). In the eighties he founded his own production company, Cerito Films.

In 1987 he returned to the theater to play the leading role in the play Kean, by Jean-Paul Sartre, with which he obtained an important success; three years later he was again acclaimed for his performance in Cyrano de Bergerac, the famous comedy by Edmond Rostand. From the 90s he preferred to focus on production and theater, with some forays as an actor on the big screen. Among his most famous roles are Borsalino (1970), with Alain Delon; The body of my enemy (1976); Nice and cheeky (1984); One of two (1997), again with Delon; and Actors (2000).

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