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Jean Reno and Aura Garrido star in “A Private Affair” on Prime Video | Digital Trends Spanish

To Angela Lansbury we owe perhaps the first one hundred percent “female and detective” character in the history of modern television, even though she herself was not exactly a policewoman, but an English teacher turned mystery writer who, with her acute capacity for analysis and a good eye, he investigated, put pieces together and came to the truth of countless crimes before the forces of order.

Marina Quiroga (Aura Garrido) is not a police officer in a private matterand it still has things more complicated than Lansbury, since the story does not take place in the 1980s in the US, but in the traditional (and very patriarchal) Galicia of the late 1940s, a time when which women of good family were born to marry, have many children, take care of a house and, for no reason, get involved in “men’s affairs”.

But a serial killer is on the loose, and Marina – the daughter of a police officer who taught her everything a good investigator should know – is as determined to catch him as she is a natural instinct to unravel the most confusing skeins. She is clearly not a woman of her time, which is rubbed in her face by the same environment over and over again. Her mother Asunción (Ángela Molina) all she wants is to see her married, but Marina has decided and no one will change her mind: she is going to catch the mysterious serial killer, no matter what it takes… !

Tradition and prejudice seem like an insurmountable barrier. Even more so when his older brother is the commissioner, and he doesn’t seem willing to help his sister in her dalliances. But just as Bruce Wayne had Alfred Pennyworth, Marina has at her side a loyal butler who will help her through the good times and the not so good ones (which are the most): Hector, a quickly endearing character who perfectly embodies the great Jean Reindeer.

And it is that in a story that mixes action, suspense and humor (a lot of humor) in equal parts, the chemistry of the protagonists is fundamental. At this point, all the keys are played perfectly by Garrido and Reno, which assimilates them and, at the same time, differentiates them from other “unlikely couples” like Wayne and Alfred, like Sherlock and Watson. Gorka Otxoa joins the dance providing the necessary quotas of drama, suspense and humor. We were well aware of her comedic skills since the legendary wow little week, although here he is far from being pigeonholed just as a funny character. A policeman in love with Marina, he must maintain a constant balance between the demands of his profession and the call of his heart, even more so when faced with the appearance of a leading man who is not to be trusted and who, yes, is quite suspicious…

The first season of a private matter It has eight episodes, ideal to give yourself a binge weekend in a series in Spanish. By the way: there is nothing left but to surrender to the domain of the language of Cervantes that Reno handles. Of Spanish parents, we had already seen and heard him speaking Spanish in other series, but in a private matter not only does he speak it, but he manages to give it the dramatic and comedic emphasis that the situation demands.

The setting is masterful, and we are not talking here about “another” Spanish period series. The action scenes are many and excellently made, according to the level that the streamimg offer demands of a 2022 production.

a private matter officially premieres this Friday the 16th on Prime Video, coinciding with the start of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations in the US. You can’t miss it!

Produced by: B.ambú Productions for Amazon Studios
Gender: Crime, Thriller, Comedy
Distribution: Jean Reno, Aura Garrido, Ángela Molina, Alex García, Gorka Otxoa, Tito Valverde, Pablo Molinero, Irene Montalá, Andrés Velencoso
Creators: Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Gema R. Neira and Ramón Campos
Directors: David Pinillos, Maria Ripoll and Daniel Aranyo
Seasons: 1

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