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Jeff Bezos believes that many humans “will be born in space” | Digital Trends Spanish

Both Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk of Blue Origin and SpaceX, respectively, have the long-term intention of installing human-inhabited colonies on Mars.

For this reason, the former CEO of Amazon believes that it is very likely that in the future some people will be born outside the limits of our planet.

“Over the centuries, many people will be born in space,” Bezos said during a conversation about space at the 2021 Ignatius Forum in Washington.

“They are going to be born in these colonies, they are going to live in these colonies, they could visit Earth as you would visit Yellowstone National Park,” said the magnate.

Referring to these future colonies, Bezos explained that they will not be like space stations, but that they will be true spaces of nature, with rivers, forests and wildlife, “places where a lot of energy can be used and not be damaging this fragile planet” , he emphasized.

However, for this wish to be fulfilled, it is necessary to advance technology and develop reusable spacecraft. “If you don’t have them, you can’t do any of that, and then the next generations will figure out the next steps.”

Finally, at the meeting, the director of Blue Origin referred to the possibility that there is life beyond our planet.

“How could there not be? There are so many stars in this galaxy alone and there are so many galaxies that the odds that we are the only intelligent life in the universe seem minuscule to me, “he replied.

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