Saturday, September 25

Jeff Bezos Invests in Rejuvenation Biotechnology | Digital Trends Spanish

Not content with being one of the richest men in the world and having made it to space, Jeff Bezos wants to live long (and make others do it too).

According to a report by MIT Tech Review, the e-commerce tycoon would have invested in Altos Labs, a company founded earlier this year that is dedicated to the development of biotechnology applied to the fight against aging.

Specifically, the company would focus primarily on a technology called reprogramming, which works by adding proteins to cells so that they return to a state similar to that of a stem cell. Scientist Shinya Yamanaka won a joint Nobel Prize in 2012 for demonstrating the success of this technique in mice. Yamanaka will become part of Alto Labs and will become the chairman of its scientific advisory board. The Spanish biochemist and pharmacist Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte, specialized in the field of developmental biology, will also form part of the Alto Labs scientific team.

Citing sources related to the company, MIT Tech Review assures that Altos Labs has Bezos among its main investors. Bezos’ investment office, Bezos Expeditions, has not confirmed the news, but it would not be strange, as the executive has already shown interest in this type of business before.

In 2018, Bezos invested in Unity Technologies, a biotechnology company whose objective is to perform anti-aging therapies and reduce or reverse diseases associated with aging and restore human health.

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