Thursday, December 2

Jeff Bezos invests in the world of plant-based milks

The Not Company leads the production of plant-based foods in Latin America. Its investors are The Craftory, Bezos Expeditions (the investment fund of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos) and Kaszek Ventures. His algorithm, Giuseppe, combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to structurally analyze foods of animal origin and make plant-based copies of them. In this way they maintain the flavor, texture, aroma and all its benefits.

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The new NotMilk line is a before and after in the world of milk capable of offering a real proposal to its consumers. It is so similar to the traditional one that you will not notice the difference. With NotMilk you don’t have to get used to an unknown flavor or give up everything you like about milk, because:

  • It replicates the flavor of milk thanks to a unique combination of plants that its Artificial Intelligence algorithm, Giuseppe, and team of chefs designed.

  • It foams like milk and is just as creamy. Ideal to use in EVERYTHING that ordinary milk is used today.

  • The calcium contribution of a serving of NotMilk is aligned with the average of the traditional milk market. 254mg x 200ml (1 glass of milk) and is a source of vitamin D and B12.

The line includes 3 must-see varieties:

  • NotMilk ORIGINAL: super creamy, ideal to froth with your coffee.
  • NotMilk LOW IN TOTAL FATS: original flavor and reduced in fat.
  • NotMilk CHOCOLATE FLAVOR: super rich, with the best of chocolate and ready to share with friends.

Evolving is in NotCo’s DNA. Working to create better and richer products, and reducing the footprint left by the food we consume on the planet, is the engine of a team of specialists and chefs who put their passion for food into action every day. This is how, even though NotCo already had a version of NotMilk, it knew it could do better and worked on developing a new, superior product. The goal was clear: to recreate the flavor of milk and provide an animal-like product in texture, creaminess, and functionality to encourage everyone to start changing the world without changing the flavors they love.

The entire NotMilk line is made 100% plant-based, including pea protein, pineapple juice, and cabbage. This achieves, in addition to the characteristic flavor of milk, to take a step in favor of the planet. To produce each liter of NotMilk, 92% less water is needed and 74% less CO2 is released than in the production of animal milk. The milk revolution is one more step to make the environmental revolution.

This news opens up a lot of opportunities to change the world. The limit is set by one … or the desire to cook. Cakes, purees, pancakes, shaken coffee, sauces. Everything with the same flavor and with much less environmental impact.

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