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JK Rowling and new book: youtuber murdered by transphobic | Digital Trends Spanish

A wave of comments has generated the writer’s new book on social networks JK Rowling, about a youtuber murdered after being accused of being transphobic. The novel is called The Ink Black Heart (The Black Ink Heart), has 1274 pages and is part of his thriller series called Cormorant Strike.

JK Rowling released a new book today about a YouTube animator that gets stabbed to death for making racist and transphobic animations and it is 600 pages longer than Dune

— kenzie (@pk_kenzie) August 30, 2022

Written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraiththe story revolves around a cheerleader named Edie Ledwell who begins to be confronted by her own fans after launching a cartoon that leads her to be described as “racist, capableist and transphobic. The latter involves the inclusion of a hermaphroditic worm.

Then the plot is based on the murder of Ledwell and the search for an anonymous suspect online called “Anomie”.

This brings up the controversial statements in 2020 and 2021 by the author of Harry Potter against trans activism.

All this for refusing to “uncritically accept that the sociopolitical concept of gender identity should replace that of sex.”

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