Sunday, December 4

Joan Baldoví confirms that he wants to be the Compromís candidate for the Generalitat Valenciana

The deputy in the Congress of Compromís, Joan Baldoví, has confirmed this Thursday that he will present himself to the primaries of the Valencian coalition to opt to be a candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana, according to the Sixth.

Baldoví, born in Sueca 63 years ago, thus takes a step forward after Mónica Oltra resigned after being charged in the case investigating the management of the Ministry of Equality in the abuse suffered by a minor by Oltra’s ex-husband.

Compromís sources have confirmed to that Baldoví has ​​been thinking for a long time about what he can contribute to promote a new progressive majority in the Valencian Community and how to be more useful so that “the corrupt and antisocial right” does not return.

“During this time he has spoken with many people inside and outside the party and they have encouraged him to make the decision to stand for the Compromís primaries to be the coalition candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat in the upcoming elections in May 2023. Its objective is to lead a new Botànic, braver in social policies and more ambitious in defending the interests of Valencian men and women”, they have reported.

The same sources have added that they are betting on the “best valued leader in Congress, according to many CIS barometers, and a figure who enjoys a broad consensus in Compromís and who has acted as a bridge with other progressive spaces and their referents, such as Yolanda Díaz , Íñigo Errejón and other parties that make up the Acord del Túria”.

The mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, recently stated in an interview published by this newspaper that Baldoví would seem to him “a good option”.