Wednesday, September 28

Joan Ribó repeats as Compromís candidate to opt for his third term as mayor of Valencia

The current mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, will repeat as a candidate for mayor of the capital for Compromís, where he has already served two terms as head of the City Council. This was announced this Tuesday by the first mayor in the assembly of the Valencian coalition: “I love this city in which I have developed my life project, where my family grows, and it is an honor for me to be your mayor and work so that València is also a life project for all its people”, he stated.

The mayor continued his speech defending “the momentum and uniqueness of each of the neighborhoods and towns, for which we work every day, placing Valencia on the map of good things, on a par with the great European capitals; in short, a pride of the city”.

Although the mayor himself had so far been in favor of political leaders not being in charge of any administration for more than eight years as a general rule, there have been several factors that have made him change his mind and take the final step.

In the first place, the need on the part of the coalition for leadership and recognizable faces before the next regional and municipal elections, especially after the resignation of its main asset until now, Mónica Oltra, immersed in the judicial process regarding the minor under guardianship who suffered abuse by her ex-husband.

In this way, Ribó would try to assert the ‘mayor effect’, that is, to obtain electoral revenue from the greater presence and visibility that the position grants to achieve good results such as those of the last two electoral appointments of 2015, when together with the PSPV and València en Comú ended 24 years of Rita Barberá’s PP, and 2019, when he reissued the leftist government with the socialists after improving the results of Compromís, which for the first time was the most voted force in the city with 27 .4% of the votes and 10 councillors, one more than four years before.

Even so, the results have always been very tight with a difference of one councilor in favor of the left-wing bloc, a difference that would be maintained with a narrow margin according to the different surveys, which is why it is more necessary for Compromís to maintain the figure of Ribó as the best asset to retain the City Council and give continuity to the change in the city model promoted almost eight years ago, especially in terms of mobility and public space.

At the same time, the pull of Ribó as head of the list for Valencia, thanks to the electoral weight that the capital has, would help the coalition not to lose steam at the regional level in the Corts Valencianes, where it is not yet clear who will be a candidate to the presidency of the Generalitat.

The last of the factors analyzed that have made the mayor decide to repeat as a candidate is that he represents a figure of consensus and unity within a coalition formed by three parties, Més-Compromís (former Bloc), Initiative and VerdsEquo, avoiding This forms a power struggle. Ribó does not belong to any of the three parties.

Thus, Ribó’s candidacy confirmed, the main electoral cards to fight for the mayor’s office of Valencia are already on the table, since his traveling companion as deputy mayor and government partner, Sandra Gómez, will also repeat as a candidate for the PSPV ( without competition in the primary process), and it also seems clear that María José Catalá will repeat as a PP candidate, as will Fernando Giner of Ciudadanos.

In this way, it only remains to be seen if José Gosálbez will repeat as mayor for Vox, something unlikely, and how other left-wing parties such as Esquerra Unida and Podem, who were left out of the City Council in the last elections, will face the municipal elections.

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