Wednesday, January 19

Joan Subirats will replace Manuel Castells as Minister of Universities

The Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, leaves the coalition Government, as confirmed by sources around him to Castells, who is part of Pedro Sánchez’s cabinet at the proposal of United We Can, will cease to be part of the coalition almost two years after his incorporation for personal reasons. Joan Subirats will replace him in the coming days.

Castells, 79 years old, entered the Government driven by the commons of Ada Colau, although he also had a previous relationship with the Prime Minister. Castells came to the Executive from the international academic field in which he published research on urban sociology, social movements and information technologies that in his day earned him to become a reference theorist for 15-M.

He has been one of the ministers with the least public projection, although he leaves the university law on track, the most relevant project of his department. The draft of the University System Law aims to fight against teaching precariousness and inbreeding, promote equity, ensure stable funding and change the requirements to be rector. However, Castells had to lower his initial intentions and withdraw some of his most questioned proposals such as that the rectors could be elected through a committee, among others.

His replacement will also be a person of the highest confidence of the mayor of Barcelona: Subirats, professor in Political Science, was until a few months ago Councilor for Culture and Education of the municipal corporation. It has a greater prior relationship with politics than its predecessor. In addition to his experience in the Barcelona City Council, he was at the birth of En Comú Podem and participated in various social movements.

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