Friday, December 3

Joe Biden, pending the results of his Covid-19 test

Correspondent in New York



Joe Biden has undergone a test for Covid-19, after it became known that Donald Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump, have tested positive for the virus. The Democratic candidate for the US presidency was expected to took the test on Friday morning, a day in which he planned to travel to Michigan, a decisive state in the elections, for an electoral act.

A source from Biden’s campaign assured the AP agency that the former vice president with Barack Obama had taken the test and they are awaiting results, which should be known on the same Friday.

Biden shared the stage with Trump last Tuesday, during the first debate between candidates, which lasted for an hour and a half in a closed auditorium in Cleveland (Ohio). Trump and Biden did not greet each other closely and kept their distance at all times. There were very few people in the audience, including several Trump family members, who removed their masks during part of the debate, unlike most attendees.

In Cleveland he was also Hope Hicks, la asesora de Trump who tested positive on Thursday, having shown symptoms Wednesday night. Hicks shared trips with the US president both in his plane and in his presidential helicopter, and accompanied him on Saturday in Pennsylvania, in addition to the debate day and the day after, when they visited Minnesota for a rally.

Biden, like Trump, is a risk group for Covid-19. He is 77 years old, three years older than the US president.

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