Monday, March 4

Joe Biden sings Baby Shark as the national anthem for a deepfake | Digital Trends Spanish

Technology made him a trick again deepfake to a celebrity and this time to the president of the United States, Joe Bidensince a false chain installed a video of the president singing Baby Shark and presenting it as the national song.

The video immediately became viral and generated the reactions of Republicans and ultra-rightists, who described Biden as incapacitated for the position due to insanity.

Associated Press debunked misinformation associated with the video and confirmed that it was, in fact, a deepfake.

Joe Biden Sings Baby Shark

“Ladies and gentlemen, and now, our great national anthem,” the president is heard saying in the video .

While it’s pretty clear that the president’s voice and mouth have been edited out in this specific example, an untrained eye or cursory glance, as on TikTok, where the video also circulated a lot, might not catch that it is false. That, in itself, is a great feat of technology. The bad of course.

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