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Joe & Mac: the arcade classic returns as a remake | Digital Trends Spanish

Joe & Mac was a classic video game born in the arcades in the early 90’s that never went further than some versions for home consoles. But now, 30 years after the original, Joe & Mac will be back with a new game that has just been announced.

The new game will be called Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja just like the original. And it is being developed by Mr. Nutz Studio, a French team that is dedicated to creating old-school games, so this project fits him like a glove.

We are pleased to reveal the return of the iconic franchise Joe & amp; Mac on consoles and PC in 2022! šŸ¦“

More than a remake of the arcade version, Joe & amp; Mac: Caveman Ninja will include a handful of new features such as an original adventure mode containing brand new levels!

& mdash; Microids (@Microids_off) October 14, 2021

However, the new Joe & Mac will be half remake and half a reimagining of the classic game, set in the caveman era and in which the two protagonists who give the title its name have to fight against the rival tribe that kidnapped their women.

As seen in the photos, the art and visual style of the game are completely redesigned, but the character design maintains the characteristics of the originals; In other words, the wheel was not reinvented and both the enemies and the protagonists are clearly recognizable in this new version.

Now there were several games of Joe & Mac subsequent to the arcade version, which reached various consoles. None of them was a recreation 100 percent faithful to the original, partly for technical reasons – the consoles of the time did not have the technical capacity of arcade machines – and partly because several of those console versions changed playable elements almost at once. point of being different games.

These changes were probably due to the nature of the original, whose levels were extremely short and with an emphasis on not being very long game sessions in order to incentivize users to drop in and out of coins. That type of design was not necessary in the home versions.

Hence, the new Joe & Mac It will include levels created specifically for this version, although there are no more details on that yet. What is known is that it will be released in 2022 for PC and consoles, on a date yet to be determined.

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