Sunday, August 14

John Bollinger Detonates Coinbase After Frustration Trading Cryptocurrencies

Legendary trader John Bollinger, known for creating a famous technical indicator, detonated broker Coinbase after trading.

The entire cryptocurrency market already knows that the creator of Bollinger Bands closely follows the industry, making contributions to traders on his Twitter account.

Recently, Bollinger even remembered that Bitcoin would appreciate a lot, after several falls in the price, which in fact happened.

But it was not clear where the famous trader carried out his market operations, since in the United States many famous brokers are available for trades.

“Frustrating and hostile to users,” says John Bollinger as he detonates Coinbase

The first brokerage listed on the US stock exchange, Coinbase has become a major operation in the cryptocurrency market, famous for being one of the first and having a considered safe environment for traders.

With a global operation called CoinbasePro, Coinbase has already received the attention of many big traders. However, in the same proportion that draws the market’s attention to positive points, some traders are still angry with the operation of this platform.

One of them is John Bollinger, who blasted Coinbase in a Twitter post, saying the platform is the most difficult to connect on the market, being hostile and frustrating to trade on that broker.

“Coinbase /CoinbasePro is the hardest software to connect to, the most user-unfriendly and the most frustrating software I can remember using.”

After his speech, he said that he needs an alternative for an American citizen, which should be a liquid platform, easy and safe. Also, he asks that the support of the next broker he hopes to trade has multiple instruments, as he is not an ordinary trader.

O bollinger alert It is important for brokers to observe the points highlighted by him, since the cryptocurrency market attracts the attention of large traders, used to operating in more mature environments than the traditional market.

Coinbase is an operation that is getting ready to hit the Brazilian market soon, with several job openings in Brazil.

FTX offered to receive Bollinger

Seeing a legendary trader detonating the competition, the brokerage FTX promptly put its managing director to personally meet John Bollinger in the United States.

With a variety of options for trading cryptocurrencies and one of Binance’s biggest competitors, FTX has as partners Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, having been a great success in the market in recent months.

Another direct competitor of Coinbase is Kraken, another that plans to be listed on the US stock exchange in 2021.