Monday, July 4

John McAfee’s body will undergo an autopsy to determine the causes of his death

Although the prison authorities admitted that everything pointed to a suicide, the investigation into John McAfee is open. A court in Martorell (Barcelona) has initiated proceedings to be able to perform an autopsy on McAfee, 75, and determine the causes of his death, according to judicial sources confirmed to EFE. In addition, the programmer’s defense plans to claim the recording of security cameras, after the Russian Foreign Ministry and anonymous accounts on social networks have promoted the theory that McAfee’s death could not be due to suicide.

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The North American tycoon, known for having founded the computer antivirus company that bears his name, was found dead this Wednesday in his cell in Brians 2 prison, in Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona), where he was in preventive detention and awaiting be extradited to their country of origin. McAfee was 75 years old and on the same day he died he had received confirmation that he would indeed be returned to the United States.

The charges against him focused on alleged tax crimes, for which he had an international search and arrest warrant. The magnate also faced up to ten years in prison, accused of having evaded up to four million dollars in taxes. McAfee was arrested in October at the El Prat airport in Barcelona, ​​when he was preparing to catch a flight to Istanbul. This week the National Court had confirmed his extradition after holding a hearing in which the programmer denied the charges.

After the prison officials found the body and once it was confirmed that they could not resuscitate it, the judicial procession went to Brians 2 and, as is mandatory whenever a person does not die a natural death, the corresponding procedures are opened to practice the autopsy and determine the causes of death, say the sources consulted by the EFE agency.

In recent hours, various voices have tried to promote the theory that McAfee could not take his own life, an option that, pending the judicial investigation, the prison authorities rule out.