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Johnny Knoxville: “If it hurt a lot, the video must be great” | Digital Trends Spanish

Johnny Knoxville, the best known face of the series Jackass that marked the teenage millennial generation that grew up watching MTV, is back in Jackass Forever. The return would be less than surprising if it weren’t for the fact that, in the fourth film in the series, the acts look just as crazy—if not more—than those performed in Jackass: The Movie (2002). And it is that in Jackass Forvera gray-haired 50-year-old Johnny Knowville is in charge of putting the baton for stunt that are so absurd and dangerous they are funny.

“I have a complicated relationship with pain,” says Knoxville in an interview with Digital Trends in Spanish. We asked him if, after several years performing acts for television and cinema that had to be accompanied by a warning screen about his dangerousness, there was one that made him think about retiring. “I never had that feeling, the truth is that if it hurt a lot, I think the video must be great. If I ended up knocked out, then it must be something incredible, so I have no problem sacrificing myself to get an incredible video, ”says the actor.

The truth is that the years do not pass in vain. It’s been almost 10 since the filming of Donkey Presents: Bad Granpathe latest movie to tie into the series, so when the classic Jackass cast, including Knoxville, Stev-O, Jason Acuña, Bam Margera and Preston Lacy found out about the filming, they all happily received the news of receiving more pain to amazing video exchange.

New talent is added to the classic cast, including surfer Sean McInerny poopiethe comedian Rachel Wolfson, Zach Holmes, and musician Eric Manaka. Form a team of pain professionals they allowed the production to alternate shooting every two weeks. “If someone ends up really hurt, then it’s the other guy’s turn,” jokes Knoxville.

Jackass Forever It’s already in theaters in the United States. The film shows the famous warning screen again, in which it is asked not to imitate the stunt (something that seems unlikely in the age of social media microfame), and while Knoxville isn’t dismissing the suggestion, he confesses it’s the last thing on their minds when jackassing. “We don’t want it to be safe, if it’s safe we ​​have nothing, we look for the unpredictable,” he concludes.

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