Tuesday, October 26

Johnson closes Tory Congress by extolling UK autarky

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Brexit was consummated almost ten months ago, but the UK still has a long way to go until the fruits of the decision to leave the EU and the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic are tangible. So he considers it Boris Johnson, that this wednesday closed the annual congress of the Conservative Party with a speech in which he once again delighted his followers, starting with the members of his cabinet, who nodded, smiling, after each statement of their leader.

With a staging in which the prime minister made show off his eccentricity and renewed optimism, with many jokes, even at the expense of his detractors, such as the leader of the Labor Party, Keir Starmer, and that culminated with a kiss to his wife, Carrie Symonds, on stage, Johnson elaborated saying that this new era, in the that the “British spirit” will be “unleashed”, culminating in an economy of “good wages, high productivity and low taxes”, since “that is what the people of this country need and deserve”, although he clarified that the change “will take time and will be difficult.” Ironically, Johnson took the opportunity to invoke the name of Margaret Thatcher defending the tax increase that is coming, and with which he breaks one of his main electoral promises, saying that it will serve to pay for the havoc left by the coronavirus outbreak on the national health service and social care. For the ‘premier’, the one who was prime minister between 1979 and 1990 “would not have ignored this meteorite that has just crashed into public finances,” he said.

The Tory leader’s speech, which lasted 45 minutes and in which he jumped from one topic to another at great speed, however, remained on a superficial level, since he did not delve into any subject, much less in those that in the The last few days have made headlines in the local and European media: the shortage of truck drivers, the crisis of gasoline and other products that are leaving images of empty shelves in supermarkets, inflation or the high price of gas and electricity. Instead, he congratulated himself on “having the guts” that, in his view, no other government has had to promote real change in the nation, and instead criticized his predecessors for having caused “decades of drift and drift. hesitation ”that will come to an end thanks to the fact that“ this reform government, this government that achieved Brexit, that is achieving the deployment of the Covid vaccine, is going to improve social care and we are going to solve the most important underlying problems of our economy and our society, “he said exultingly.


Johnson insisted on presenting his agenda for what he calls the “leveling up” of British society, on the same day that the extra £ 20 of universal credit, one of the most important aid the country gives, is eliminated; and he dedicated a few words to the Aukus, the military alliance between the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia that aroused the fury of France, saying that this agreement is “proof that the world is leaning on its economic axis” and that “our trade and relations with the Indo-Pacific region are becoming more vital than ever. ‘

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