Thursday, October 28

Johnson removes foreign portfolio from Dominic Raab in his cabinet remodel

London Correspondent



Dominic Raab, until now Minister of Foreign Affairs of the government ofBoris Johnson, was replaced this Wednesday by Liz Truss, which since 2019 was in charge of the international trade department. This move, which comes after Raab’s critical management of the Afghanistan crisis And that made both the opposition and the Tory ranks call for his resignation or dismissal, is part of the reorganization of the cabinet that the British prime minister has launched.

For their part, and before this decision, sources from 10 Downing Street quoted by the SkyNews chain declared that Dominic Raab is “very angry” at his dismissal as Minister of Foreign Affairs. “His future as one of the most important figures in the government is now in doubt,” said one of the sources, adding that this is “humiliating for a man who replaced the prime minister just a year and a half ago.” The head of British diplomacy will remain in the Executive, at the head of the Justice portfolio and also as Deputy Prime Minister, less relevant positions at a particularly decisive moment for the UK’s foreign policy.

“Yesterday the prime minister presented his plan to manage Covid-19 during the fall and winter”

A Downing Street spokesman explained that the premier’s intention is to form “a strong and united team” to help rebuild the United Kingdom “after the pandemic” of Covid-19. “Yesterday the prime minister presented his plan to manage Covid-19 during the fall and winter. But the government must also redouble its efforts to meet the citizens’ priorities, ”the same source told the press.

Outside was also the Minister of Education, Gavin Williamson, who advanced the news of his departure with a message on his Twitter account in which he said that it had been “a privilege” to serve in his position, in which he made decisions that had also been widely criticized at the time, especially those regarding exam management during the worst months of the coronavirus outbreak. The Minister of Justice, Robert Buckland, and Housing and Communities, Robert Jenrick, also announced their dismissal after meeting with the premier in the morning. And although many hoped that the Minister of the Interior would also be removed, Priti Patel, this for the moment retains its position, as well as Rishi Sunak, probably the most popular of the ministers and in charge of maintaining finances at a critical time for the nation.

The reshuffle of his team is a balloon of oxygen at a time when the popularity of Johnson and the Conservative Party has fallen to 33%, according to a poll by consultancy YouGov, whose results give 35% support for the Party Labor.

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