Thursday, September 23

Johnson will continue with the operation “until the last moment”

London Correspondent



British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hopeful that the emergency meeting he convened as G-7 chair yesterday would be the ideal setting to convince President Biden to agree to postpone the evacuation from Afghanistan beyond the deadline. August 31st. However, his attempts were unsuccessful. Biden decided, after consulting with the national security team, to stick to the August 31 deadline to withdraw troops from the Asian country. The decision came after the Taliban warned that the date marked was a red line and declared that they disagreed with the departure of Afghan citizens from the country.

Boris Johnson personally asked his

US counterpart the delay in departure, and previously stated on his Twitter account that “it is vital that the international community work together to ensure safe evacuations, prevent a humanitarian crisis and support the Afghan people to ensure the achievements of the last twenty years” . After the meeting of G-7 leaders, the ‘premier’ said, in a tone that has been criticized for his resignation: “You have already heard what the US president has said and you have heard what the Taliban ‘. Later, he assured that the evacuations by the United Kingdom will continue “until the last moment.” “We are sure that we can get thousands more out, but the situation at the airport is not improving, there are public order problems,” explained Johnson, who referred to the “heartbreaking scenes” starring those who try to leave the country on board. a foreign plane.

A safe route

Johnson asserted that the G-7 wants to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis and revealed that its leaders agreed to implement a roadmap that allows negotiating with the Taliban the establishment of a “safe passage” for those who want to leave the country later. August 31st. Johnson’s idea is to use all the “economic, diplomatic and political” resources available to the seven most powerful nations in the Western world, which in a joint statement expressed their “grave concern about the situation in Afghanistan.” The ‘premier’ declared that part of the G-7 plan to manage its new relationship with the Taliban would be to require them, in addition to that safe passage for refugees, to allow the education of girls.

The news fell like a jug of cold water for various sectors, including groups that worked with non-governmental organizations, who fear that human rights defenders and civil society activists will not be able to get out. «The Government has had 18 months to plan this moment. They should have used that time to develop an effective evacuation strategy and work with our partners, ”said a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

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