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Johnson’s government insists on skipping the Brexit deal: “EU nightmare is over, British renaissance begins”

Half of the UK petrol stations have supply problems. Many supermarkets have empty shelves. The transport sector cannot meet its commitments because there is a shortage of truckers in the UK after they have left due to the difficulty of working there after Brexit. There is even the possibility of slaughtering more than 100,000 pigs due to the lack of butchers.

Boris Johnson threatens again to skip the Brexit agreement that he signed

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Against this background, the British Minister for Brexit, David Frost, has once again shaken Brexit this Monday at the Conservative Party conference.

The Government of Boris Johnson maintains an open dispute with the European Union for compliance with the Northern Ireland protocol, which regulates that there is no hard border between the two Irlandes – to comply with the Good Friday Peace Accords – and, while keeping Britain out of the single European market, which requires Northern Ireland food customs controls for everything arriving from England. Conclusion: problems with unionist communities and customs delays that have led Boris Johnson to unilaterally prolong the moratoriums to avoid complying with a protocol that he himself insisted on imposing on Brussels.

Last July, the British Government presented a document in which it threatened in writing to skip the Brexit agreement, which it already did at the end of last year with the British Internal Market bill, which was finally modified so as not to violate the Brexit agreement as it had to do with the aforementioned Northern Ireland protocol.

Indeed, in a 28-page document distributed on July 21, The Johnson Government stated: “The Protocol is not standing still, but significant changes are needed to achieve a sustainable ‘new balance’ that places the relationship between the UK and the EU on a stable footing. This is the only way to ensure the Belfast Agreement (Good Friday). The Government has published a Command Paper stating that you are trying to negotiate significant changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol, and describing how the Protocol is failing to meet some of its core objectives of minimizing disruptions to everyday life, respecting Northern Ireland’s place in the UK domestic market and preserve the delicate balance of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement in all its dimensions. ”

In this sense, the Johnson Government threatened not to comply with the agreement: “The Command Paper makes it clear that the Government has considered activating Article 16 [que exime el cumplimiento del protocolo] and believes that there are clear reasons to justify its use. This option remains within the framework of the Protocol. However, we do not believe that it is beneficial for Northern Ireland to invoke safeguard measures at this time. We would prefer to seek a consensual approach with the EU, to agree on stable and lasting solutions that can work for Northern Ireland, the UK in general and the EU in the future. ”

And this Monday, in the midst of the supply crisis, the British minister for Brexit, Davd Frost, again waved Article 16 before his own: “The protocol itself is undermining the Good Friday Agreement. The companies, the political parties. Instability and turmoil are faced with instability and disruption, institutions and indeed everyone in Northern Ireland. We can still solve these problems. In July I laid out a series of proposals that would establish a new balance for Northern Ireland, and I will soon send a new set of legal texts to the EU. We are still waiting for a formal EU response to our proposals. I urge the EU to be ambitious. We need significant change, we can go back to where we want, an independent UK with friendly relations with the EU based on free trade. But we cannot wait forever without an agreed solution. We will have to act using the safeguard mechanism of the article 16 to address the impact the protocol is having in Northern Ireland. That may, in the end, be the only way to protect our country, our people, our trade, our territorial integrity, the peace process and the benefits of this great Britain of which we are all a part. ”

Frost, not to mention the shortage problems in the United Kingdom, not even those of the price of light, runaway, has finished: “The Conservative Party, under the leadership of Boris Johnson, is moving us forward. We know there is only one way to go. prosperity, freedom and free enterprise. The opportunities are enormous. The long and bad dream of our EU membership is over and the British renaissance has begun, as our great national poet said about the late Renaissance [Rudyard Kipling, en 1911]: “Suddenly, all men get up with the noise of shackles breaking, and they all smile at their neighbor and tell him that his soul is his. Let us work together in that spirit. Let us lead this country to a new future of freedom and, by doing it together, we will win. ”

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