Wednesday, January 26

Join CoinEx and get the anniversary gifts!

On December 24, 2021, CoinEx will celebrate its fourth anniversary, “Together 4ever.” Indeed, after years of going through the dreaded bears and the beloved bulls in the world of crypto assets, CoinEx joins its more than 3 million global users. And so, celebrate this most special occasion. This has been a most extraordinary adventure.

In particular, to thank the old users who have always been with the Exchange through thick and thin. Also, to the new users who have just joined the crypto world, CoinEx will organize a great celebration, the “Together 4ever”, with 10 million rewards in $ CET for everyone!

This 2021, check your CoinEx history

In fact, for the crypto community, 2021 has been a year of rapid growth, when it comes to crypto assets. Now, come and take a closer look at the year you spent with CoinEx.

By the way, the crypto world has seen many changes in 2021:

  • Bitcoin outperformed Tesla in terms of market capitalization.
  • NFTs continue to boom, with an expanding influence.
  • The giants of the Internet, ventured into the field of the Metaverse.

Very important, although the cryptocurrency market can rise and fall in a day, CoinEx has built a global presence. And it has been expanding its ecosystem throughout all countries and regions.

Achievements achieved

This year, CoinEx was making strategic moves and building its remarkable track record:

  • In April, the 7-day APY of the CoinEx financial account managed to reach a maximum of 26%.
  • June, the CSC launched its mainnet.
  • The CSC Global Hackathon Grants was held in September.
  • In October, CoinEx added the new features like Take-Profit and Stop-Loss.
  • It now supports 16 languages ​​and offers over 400 top-tier token services.

Currently, you can review your unique summary and you will be able to relive your entire journey together with CoinEx. Each unique summary is generated based on the operations you carried out in 2021. For example, trade, market creation, wealth management. This is an annual digital summary. These figures will show you the performance you had together with CoinEx throughout this year.

10 million CET for everyone and many additional surprises

As a fun fact, on its 4th anniversary, CoinEx will start a 6-day celebration to give back to global users. The event will be freely accessible to everyone, including old and new users. Come to CoinEx to generate your unique summary and thus be able to share the incredible gifts of $ 10 million CET.

Most importantly, the event will be from December 24, 2021-0: 00, to December 29, 2021 (UTC).

To join «Together 4ever», you must follow the following steps:

  1. Sign up / log into your CoinEx account during the event.
  2. Authorize CoinEx to “Generate Annual Summary” on the event page and check out your 2021 highlights.
  3. Receive Amazing CoinEx Anniversary Gifts.
  4. Anniversary gifts include CET, surprise VIP upgrades, and more.

Become a prestigious CoinEx VIP member and get exclusive discounts

Likewise, all participants will be able to obtain random VIP levels as part of the anniversary gifts. Additionally, all CoinEx VIP members will receive VIP discounts. With spot rates as low as 0.1%, you can have great deals.

Also, VIP discounts and CET transaction fee discounts can be used at the same time. At CoinEx, CET can be used to offset transaction fees for spot / margin trading. This way you will get more benefits with double the discounts.

Sure enough, during the anniversary celebration, CoinEx will provide incredible gifts, including 10 million CETs and VIP upgrades, to all CoinEx users, without setting any particular parameters. These incredible gifts represent CoinEx’s gratitude to its global users for giving them their trust and support over the past four years and a heartfelt invitation to celebrate their 4th “Together 4ever” anniversary with them.

Explore the infinite possibilities that the crypto world offers while pursuing its original goals

So in the more than 1,400 days since CoinEx was created in December 2017, many of the difficulties have been overcome. There has been fierce competition since the early days and they witnessed the ups and downs of the crypto market.

Consequently, CoinEx’s strong ecosystem and strong global presence are always backed by the trust and support of its users around the world. Along the way, CoinEx has always remained committed to its original mission and vision:

  • Make the world a better place through the Blockchain.
  • Become an infrastructure for the Blockchain space.
  • By facing challenges and seizing opportunities when they present themselves, CoinEx has managed to create a unique ecosystem.

Moving forward, CoinEx will seize the tremendous opportunity presented by the rise of the Blockchain and will follow the trends of the crypto world while putting its users first.

Ultimately, as the exchange builds its global presence, it will create a safe and stable investment environment where there will be fewer uncertainties and fear. In a world full of challenges and endless possibilities, CoinEx will be heading on a new journey together with users from all over the world to explore the next four years together.

I say goodbye with this phrase from Ben Barnes: «Sometimes success comes in ways you don’t expect».