Sunday, July 3

Joker 2: first look at the script, title and Joaquin Phoenix | Digital Trends Spanish

The sequel to joker is already in the works, at least that was what was revealed in a post on Instagram by the director, Todd Phillips, who revealed that he and screenwriter Scott Silver have already finished the script for Joker 2, where they also shared an image of joaquin phoenix reviewing a few lines of the text.

The film will be titled: Joker: Folie á Deux. That expression in French translates to something like “Collective Madness” and is the phrase used when a group of people suffer from the same disorder, such as, say, considering a comedian-turned-murderer a hero.

Now the questions are whether the film will be made again with Warner Bros. and whether a young Bruce Wayne will appear, giving continuity to what was shown in the first installment of Joker.

For now Joaquin Phoenix is ​​on top of the project, that can be a guarantee for a good sequel for fans.

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