Wednesday, September 27

Joker 2 “Folie à Deux” already has a date for its premiere | Digital Trends Spanish

fans of joker You can rest easy now, because Todd Phillips’ long-awaited sequel Joker 2 “Folie a Deux” already has a release date.

It will be on October 4, 2024. Warner actually presented joker in 2019 in October at a record level with $96.2 million dollars.

As noted in a social media post by Phillips of the script cover back in June, the sequel is titled Joker: Folie a deux, which is a French reference for a medical term related to a mental disorder that affects two or more people.

The start of production for Joker: Folie à Deux will be in December.

In fact, somehow Joker benefited from the fall of Batgirl, as this would alter the DC multiverse continuum being charted towards Flash on July 23, 2023. Warner Bros Discovery, led by David Zaslav, is serious about making DC a brand that is fiercely competitive with Disney’s Marvel.

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