Wednesday, August 17

Jordi Cuixart announces that he is moving “temporarily” to Switzerland

The former president of Òmnium Cultural Jordi Cuixart announced this Monday that he is moving “temporarily” to Switzerland to “represent” the entity’s foreign strategy before the different European and international bodies and continue denouncing “the violation of rights by the State.

“We want to use all fronts to achieve our goal, which is the achievement of the Catalan Republic,” Cuixart said at an event in Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona) about espionage on dozens of pro-independence leaders. “We are convinced that we will do it again and we will do it together”, he added.

Since he stepped down from the presidency of Òmnium in January this year, Cuixart has directed Òmnium Civil Rights Europe (OCRE), the international entity of the Catalan organization. In addition, Cuixart continues to direct his industrial company, which is creating an innovation center in Switzerland with a Swiss university.

The most charismatic of the procés prisoners is currently pending the resolution of two appeals: in Spain, that of the Supreme Court against the Government’s pardons after the challenges of PP, Ciudadanos and VOX; and in Strasbourg, the one that, like the rest of those convicted of 1-O, Cuixart presented before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) against the ruling of the Spanish High Court.

According to a statement from Òmnium, Cuixart wants to focus on denouncing espionage against the independence movement before different international bodies. Cuixart presided over Òmnium for more than six years, and from October 2017 until he was pardoned in June 2021 he exercised its leadership from prison, since he was remanded in custody and later sentenced to nine years in prison for sedition.

For his part, Cuixart’s successor in the presidency of Òmnium, Xavier Antich, has stated that the illegal espionage endorsed by the Canadian laboratory CitizenLab and Amnesty International against 65 politicians, activists and lawyers of sovereignist leaders demonstrates the political persecution “against an entire political project. “It is a monumental scandal from an international perspective,” he added.

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