Sunday, September 25

Jordi Pujol is discharged from hospital after suffering a stroke

The former president of the Generalitat Jordi Pujol was discharged this Saturday from the Hospital de Sant Pau, where he had been admitted since Monday due to a stroke. The former president is already in his house.

The doctors already advanced this Friday that Pujol, who is 92 years old, would be discharged in the coming days due to the “favorable” evolution of his neurological condition.

The symptoms of the stroke began last Monday around 11 in the morning, when Pujol began to notice speech problems. The stroke code that operates in Catalan hospitals quickly confirmed the affectation due to lack of cerebral blood flow.

The medical team applied an endovascular treatment, which consisted of the mechanical extraction of the thrombus through the femoral artery, in an intervention that was successful. Since then Pujol has followed his recovery at the Hospital and now he will do it at his home.

The neurologist at the Hospital de Sant Pau who treats Pujol, Albert Lleó, explained on Thursday that, although the MRI shows an injury, “that does not mean that there are sequelae, because each person recovers differently.”

“Now it is premature to say what sequels will remain at the language level, because it will depend on the evolution,” said Lleó, who follows the evolution of the former president’s neurological state every day.

The one who was president of Catalonia between 1980 and 2003 completely abandoned political life in 2014 after acknowledging that he had hidden part of an inheritance for 34 years in Andorra, the origin of which is being investigated by Justice.

For a year Pujol has begun to come out of the public ostracism caused by his confession, in July 2014, that he had kept money without paying taxes in Andorra for decades. According to his version, the money came from his father’s inheritance, the so-called “deixa” of grandfather Florenci. Together with the former president, his seven children and several businessmen from Pujolismo are accused.

The former president is awaiting trial for the origin of the family fortune, which the Prosecutor’s Office links to corruption during his time at the head of the Generalitat. Anti-corruption requests nine years in prison for the former president, whom the State Attorney does not accuse since his tax crimes are already prescribed.

The former president’s wife, Marta Ferrusola, will not go to trial due to the Alzheimer’s she suffers from and which prevents her from answering in court. In any case, the National Court has not yet set a trial date despite the fact that the defense briefs were presented in October last year.

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