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José Andrés responds to Marcos de Quinto for his criticism of the aid sent to the Zamora firefighters

The Spanish chef José Andrés is used to ending controversies on Twitter by writing directly to those who question his work or, as in the case of former US President Donald Trump, confront him in a legal complaint. This Thursday, the chef settled with a message the criticism for the help that his organization has given in the fight against the fires in Castilla y León.

It all started on the 17th with the image of a sandwich with three slices of sausage. It was shared by the Castilla y León Forest Firefighters in Struggle Movement to denounce the conditions in which the brigade members who were trying to put out the fire in Zamora were working. “This is the sandwich that those who have been working there for 7 days have just received”.

The Professional Union Association of Environmental Agents of Castilla y León (APAMCYL) also published the image adding a mention to José Andrés. “You will be seeing news of forest fires in Spain, we have an open debate due to the precariousness of the supply of @jcyl for the components of the fire operation. Complaints come from the delay, little variety and scarcity. How about?”

A day later, the same APAMCYL account gave the thanks to José Andrés for providing supplies to the brigade members with hamburgers, juice and coffee. As it has done before during natural disasters or since the start of the war in Ukraine, the World Central Kitchen also shared on twitter images of the food that his NGO has sent to the fire in Losacio (Zamora). The main fire in the region added this Tuesday morning 34 evicted populations and cotes on the Madrid-Galicia AVE route and on eight highways.

The newspaper Zamora24horas illustrated the news of the arrival of World Central Kitchen in the region with an image of José Andrés descending from a helicopter. “Am I the only one who finds this man creepy? Luis del Pino wrote, responsible for the Sin Complexes program on esRadio. “I believe that, with what he carries in his arms, he will be able to feed a few“, added Marcos de Quinto in another message. “And if he plans to do the helicopter delivery, Gretta is going to be angry.”

“In that helicopter we carried 3,000 meals. First landing on Abaco. After 4 days being hit by Hurricane Dorian”, José Andrés responded, referring to the help that his organization provided in 2019 in the Bahamas. “Those trays went to the only hospital. Helicopter was the only way to get there. Photo? There was an ABC team. And a Photographer. Whom we rescue.”

The story may not end here. José Andrés has once again written to Del Pino: “If you were a journalist who respects above ideologies, perhaps no one would block you. Whenever you want you invite me to your program”.

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