Sunday, August 1

José Antonio moves

– Jose Antonio…

– Present! … Ah, no, wait, no.

The body of José Antonio Primo de Rivera will leave the Basilica of the Valley of the Fallen under the new Democratic Memory Law. After Franco’s exhumation, the one of the founder of Falange plays. It is not very clear if the remains will come out of the Valley compound or rather they will be placed somewhere in the civil cemetery where there are not only Republican victims but also deaths from the coup party. It will, in any case, be in a “not prominent” place. Now it touches the negotiation with the family.

  • Map of the pumps in Madrid. A book documents street by street the damage suffered by the fascist bombings on the capital, where no plaque or monument explains anything.
  • And speaking of far right, but more modern. It is ten years of the massacre of Utoya, the Norwegian Labor Youth camp where an extremist broke in and killed 77 people.

The things of Justice

When the judiciary is politically blocked, pending renewal, and has in its hands the designs of something as delicate as the management of the pandemic, it is well worth starting to learn the names of the magistrates and know their internal troubles.

Today we have that in the Constitutional Court ruling, some paragraphs of the initial text that were sympathetic to the Government were eliminated. The result of the sentence does not vary, but knowing the details of how the internal compromises are made of a judicial decision of that level is not wasted.

  • Touch from Brussels. Precisely this Tuesday, the European Commission urges Spain to proceed as soon as possible with the renewal of the judicial leadership and other bodies that it has pending since 2018.
  • Big little scammer. Another jail sentence for Little Nicolás, who with this one already confirms that he will be in prison for a while. Three years have fallen for him to impersonate a high position in the Government and the Royal House, simply to give himself importance.

Do not pass

  • Fifth wave fired. More than 30 Spanish cities already have a rate that exceeds 1,000 infections. Here the map. At this rate we will see a rebound in the death toll. Several communities now claim back to mask and at curfew.
  • Astrobezos . The founder of Amazon has achieved his challenge: to place a private ship, manned by himself and several companions, beyond the atmosphere, in outer space. The adventure lasted 11 minutes, long enough to usher in the era of space tourism. Details and video.
  • Pablo Iglesias returns to work. The Open University of Catalonia has hired the former vice president via public competition for a part-time investigation on political discourse and social networks.
  • Materials crisis. We live in a system that moves on impulse and now I touch another extreme example. After predicting a fall in the price of housing, it turns out that the cost of construction materials it’s going up in a huge way. For example, the price of wood has risen 70% in one year. All because it seems that the market is recovering.
  • Ona Carbonell, the captain of the Olympic synchronized swimming team, has stirred social networks with a video in which she denounces that the restrictions of the Tokyo Olympic Games prevent her from reconciling competition with breastfeeding her baby. Of course, the organization continues to flirt with the public in the tests.


I want to travel

  • Preikestolen. In southern Norway, near Stavanger, there is an overwhelming place called Preikestolen, ‘the pulpit’, a rock that protrudes in the cut of a fjord and forms a perfectly flat platform before a terrifying precipice. After a hike with steep sections, tourists can rest on the same edge. The first time I went you already saw some folly on the edge, but the selfie era has turned it into a reckless gorge full of people in search of the best selfie. Forget the camera and enjoy.
  • Pinsapo. Andalusia is not just beaches and now that incidence rates in Cádiz overwhelm the usual coastal destinations, it is good to have a getaway in the bedroom. For example to the Sierra de Grazalema, with several towns that are worth it. Here is a guide to hiking among Spanish firs and strolling through white streets at a certain height from the sea.
  • To eat. My mouth is watering with this list of Yucatecan food dishes, a Mexican variant of Mayan origin. The pibil cochineal is the best known in Spain but there is everything: eggs and beans for breakfast, lime soup or poc chuc. Yum.

Come on, see you tomorrow. A hug,


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