Tuesday, March 28

José Luis Moreno denies the judge of Operation Titella any illegality: “I am not a boss of anything”

The television producer José Luis Moreno has denied this Thursday in his statement as a defendant in the National Court of any illegality in relation to the alleged macro-fraud that is being investigated in Operation Titella (Puppet, in Catalan). Moreno has stated that he is not a “capo” of anything, but a businessman with a long career.

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I am not a boss of anything, he said when asked about his defense at the beginning of an interrogation that began around 10:00 a.m. before the head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 2, Ismael Moreno, according to sources present in the statement. consulted by Europa Press.

The investigators point to Moreno as the alleged leader of a criminal organization that since 2017 would have been dedicated to defrauding banking entities and private investors, on the one hand, and “the falsification of bank documents such as checks and promissory notes” and “money laundering”. “using a business network for this, on the other.

However, Moreno has denied that he used front men. “I can’t stand them,” he would have pointed out, according to said sources, to claim that throughout his career he has made more than 3,000 productions that have translated into 150 million euros in signed contracts.

Specifically, he has referred to the production of the series on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, ‘Glow & Darkness’, to also reject that he swindled the Argentine businessman Alejandro Roemmers, with whom he was associated to make it. That is a “hoax”, he has affirmed to emphasize that the judge has in his possession the 35 recorded chapters.