Monday, May 29

Journalist Pablo González will remain in prison in Poland until at least May 29

The Spanish journalist Pablo González, detained in Poland since the end of February and accused of spying for Russia in the war with Ukraine, will be in provisional prison until May 29 at the earliest. This is how the Polish authorities explain it in a letter sent three weeks ago to the journalist’s family, as revealed The country newspaper. According to this information, the document to which has had access does not provide more information about the accusations against him and only explains that the provisional prison can be extended for three months but without adding whether, for example, the measure can be extended .

Pablo González, a journalist who in recent years has worked for various media outlets covering armed conflicts such as the one in Ukraine, was arrested in Poland in late February after also being warned by the Ukrainian authorities in kyiv. The Polish intelligence agency issued a statement accusing González, the son of Russian parents living in the Basque Country and whose maternal grandfather is Spanish, of spying for the Kremlin using his profession as a journalist to move freely through conflict zones. At the moment he has not made public the evidence that supports that accusation.

To date, only the Spanish consulate has been able to meet with him, and his lawyer Gonzalo Boye has been denouncing for weeks that he has not been able to meet with González to defend himself against the accusations. The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, acknowledged in the Congress of Deputies that the National Intelligence Center (CNI) had already put the magnifying glass on the journalist due to the “considerations” that were made of him in other countries, and that he had been visited by members of this body.

The document sent to the family is dated March 3 of this year 2022 and, in its header, refers to the journalist as “Pablo González” but explains that he has various aliases such as “Pavel” or “Aleksey”, the latter being the name of his father. In the case of Pavel Rutsov, the journalist was registered with that name when he was born in Moscow in 1982 but years later, in Spain, he was registered as “Pablo González” by his mother after his divorce.

The document explains: “The Rzeszów Regional Court ordered the temporary deprivation of liberty of the aforementioned person for a period of three months, that is, until May 29, 2022.” The only additional information provided by the document is that its procedure number is 1001-106, but it does not reveal whether that provisional detention can be extended or if it can be lifted before May 29.