Wednesday, December 7

‘Journalistic tools to decipher the message of politicians’, debate organized by and the Carlos III University

Political journalism has never been easy, which is why it is very important that those who practice it are increasingly qualified. Pursuing this objective, the Carlos III University and have designed an expert course in political journalism that will begin next January. As a preview and by way of presentation, next Wednesday, October 5, at 7:00 p.m., we invite you to a debate under the title of ‘Journalistic tools to decipher the message of politicians’.

Esther Palomera (political chronicler of, Luis Orriols (Professor of Political Sciences. Department of Social Sciences UC3M), School Ignatius (director of and Pillar Career (Professor. Communication Department UC3M) will talk, moderated by the journalist Gumersindo Lafuente, in the hall of degrees of the campus that the Carlos III has in the Puerta de Toledo, in Madrid.

The Diploma of Expert in Political Journalism, co-directed by Pilar Carrera, professor at the Carlos III University, and Gumersindo Lafuente, former deputy director of, is now open for enrollment and will count as teachers, among others, with Ignacio Escolar, Neus Tomàs, Olga Rodríguez, Pilar Carrera, Lluis Orriols or Pablo Simón.

‘Journalistic tools to decipher the message of politicians’. Wednesday, October 5, 7:00 p.m. Hall of degrees of the campus of the Carlos III University (Free admission until full capacity). Puerta de Toledo (main entrance), Madrid.

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