Sunday, May 28

Jové (ERC) explains to the judge that he was spied on with Pegasus while he was negotiating the investiture of Sánchez

The president of the ERC group in Parliament, Josep Maria Jové, and the Republican MEP Diana Riba explained this Friday to the judge that they were spied on with the Pegasus program at key political moments, for example the negotiation of the investiture of Pedro Sánchez in 2019 in which the independence leader participated.

The key dates of the Pegasus case


Before magistrate Eva Moltó, Jové and Riba declared this Friday after the Barcelona Court forced the instructor to reactivate an investigation that remained deadlocked after a year.

The declaration of Jové and Riba as affected was one of the procedures that the Court of Barcelona urged to practice. Another fundamental test for the future of the case still remains to be specified: the Government is pending to resolve the judge’s request to declassify data on the espionage of independentistas with Pegasus.

In his statement this Friday, Jové, one of the Republican negotiators with the PSOE and Oriol Junqueras’ most trusted man, has maintained that he suffered several infiltrations on his mobile phone, all of them coinciding with different relevant political moments.

The punctures, Jové has reported, occurred at least between March 2019 and June 2020, when the Republican negotiated the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, the decrees of the state of alarm for the coronavirus or the General State Budgets (PGE).

For her part, Riba has detailed the judge that she was spied on with the malicious ‘software’ at least on October 28, 2019, two weeks after the sentence of the process that sentenced her husband, Raül Romeva, and while speaking with her adviser in the Europarliament.

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