Sunday, July 3

Juan Carlos I, asked if he will give explanations: “Explanations of what?”

King Juan Carlos I will meet for the first time with his son, Felipe VI, this Monday almost two years after the emeritus left Spain. This Sunday, he has answered journalists for the first time about that meeting in Zarzuela and about whether he will give explanations about his controversies.

In a video broadcast by La Sexta, a journalist asks through the car window “what are you going to say to your son” when you see him. “Excuse me?” Said the emeritus, who had lowered the window when he saw the press, asking the driver of the car to stop for a moment. “What would you say to your son?”, He has responded to the reporter, to whom he has also confirmed that he is “very much” looking forward to seeing King Felipe.

“And are you going to give any kind of explanations?” The journalist continues asking. “Explanations of what?”, She answers with the car already in motion while she hears how she laughs.

Father and son have not seen each other in all this time and it has only transpired that they have had a telephone conversation. This took place just a week ago, on May 15, and was motivated by the fact that the king traveled to Abu Dhabi, where his father has his residence, to convey condolences for the death of the president of the United Arab Emirates.

Some 400 people, half of whom were friends, neighbors and tourists and the other half journalists, received the King Emeritus on the Pontevedra coast on his return to Spain last Friday. The former monarch, who in these four days has not made any statements beyond a comment to journalists’ questions about his condition and how he was living his return, has acknowledged this Sunday that what he expects from tomorrow’s day is “many hugs and see the family.”

After filing your investigation

The emeritus formalized his intention to return to Spain – although maintaining his residence in Abu Dhabi in a stable and permanent way – in a letter sent to his son, Felipe VI, days after the Public Ministry filed the investigation for the payment of commissions in the AVE to Mecca —which inquired about the contracts, not about the king, who enjoyed inviolability— on March 2.

Now the only way open for Juan Carlos I to sit on the bench, after the shelving of the triple investigation that led him to leave the country for the United Arab Emirates in 2020, is in the United Kingdom. A British court is considering allegations of harassment from his former mistress, Corinna Larsen. In this case, she has not earned him the immunity that in Spain has protected him from the investigation of his assets. According to the London judge, he cannot rely on any of the three articles of the 1978 British legislation that regulates the cases in which immunity can be applied.

The tax residence of the king emeritus in the United Arab Emirates shields him from having to pay taxes on gifts such as the private jet trip that has allowed him to move to Spain this week for the first time in almost two years.

Your residence in the Persian Gulf also protects you de facto from possible responsibilities before the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT). More so when, once the investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office against him have been filed, he wants to “frequently travel to Spain to visit family and friends, and organize his personal life and his place of residence in areas of a private nature”, as he recalled in the past Wednesday the Royal House in a statement.

All this, despite the fact that, according to the opinion of some jurists consulted, with a strict interpretation of the regulations, it could be considered that the former head of state is still a tax resident in Spain.

will be back in June

The mayor of Sanxenxo (Pontevedra), Telmo Martín, stated this Sunday that the king emeritus himself has confirmed that he will return to this town from June 10 to participate in more regattas for the celebration of the World Cup of he sails in the six meter category, in which he is the reigning champion with his boat “Bribón 500”.