Tuesday, July 5

Juan Manuel Moreno: “If Vox says that it is a constitutionalist, it will have to abide by the Statute”

Juan Manuel Moreno, the PP candidate for the presidency of Andalusia, is “convinced that he is going to win the elections.” This is what he said in an interview on Cadena Ser. The also president assures that “the polls fail (I have witnessed demographic errors) but I feel it on the street, something is changing in Andalusia.”

The fear of low turnout due to the heat also spreads to the Andalusian PP: “There are many days on the beach: go vote!”

Know more

Although he has once again repeated his desire not only to be “the citizens’ favourite”, but to obtain “a sufficient majority to govern alone”. However, when asked if he will agree with Vox, he has not given a resounding no, but he has answered that “a viable government will have to be a government that respects the Statute of Andalusia.” So, “if Vox says that it is a constitutionalist, it will have to abide by the Statute”, which includes “that RTVA continues to exist”, “that we are going to continue fighting against gender violence” and that “it recognizes climate change”. Vox “will have to find another formula.”

Regarding a possible electoral repetition, although he believes that “it would be a political failure” for all the parties, he considers that “if a viable government does not come out at the time of the investiture (that is, one that can be maintained throughout the legislature) there will be to convene again.”

Moreno has appealed, as he has throughout the campaign, to the “serene majority” of Andalusians, in his intention to expand the vote with center-left voters. He has called the “social majority” because “we are a moderate government where everyone can feel represented.”

Free hands

The popular leader thanks Alberto Núñez Feijóo for having been “tremendously respectful because he has left me with a free hand in everything.” He has explained that the two caravans (his and Feijóo’s) are complementary “We make parallel agendas because we multiply our political action”.


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