Sunday, November 28

Juan Manuel Pino: The State does not bow to crime for any reason

The Minister of Security, Juan Manuel Pino, He assured that the Panamanian State did not bow to criminality and that the leaders of the criminal gangs will be prosecuted and will end up in jail, this in the face of the latest violent events and homicides registered in the country in recent weeks.

He added that instructions have also been given in the different areas of the National Police so that communications of any kind are not established with any criminal.

“It is everyone’s job, we are going to have better days and we, the State, do not bow down to crime for any reason and instruct the area chiefs, the Police, nobody talks to criminals, the criminal The only option he has is to surrender to justice, so we move on, “he said. Pino.

Last week several homicides were registered, several dead bodies were found, and there was also an assassination attempt.

“We are not going to say isolated events, but there were several events that occurred because of the Chiriquí case of kidnapping, which happened going down Rod Carew, and the case of the nightclub, which is a case of criminal quarrels, I say it was a bad week because it was, but it does not mean that every week will be like this, “he said. Pino.

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