Tuesday, July 5

Juan Marín announces that he leaves all his positions after the results in the Andalusian

Juan Marín has announced the resignation of all his positions after the results obtained by his party in the regional elections held this Sunday.

Juan Marín: “They have tried to kill me and bury me many times, but I’m still here”

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He said this when appearing before journalists to assess the electoral results, which leave his party out of the Andalusian Parliament.

For the moment, he has advanced that this Monday he will make his resignation effective. Although before communicating it to the press, he has made it known to his own, as officials from the formation have communicated.

Marín has been vice president of the Board since the regional elections of 2018, and announced this week that in the event of obtaining a single parliamentarian, he would not assume the act and would abandon political life.


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