Saturday, September 25

Juan Marín: “There will be no electoral advance in Andalusia. No one would understand that we were such idiots”

The vice president of the Board and Minister of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, Juan Marín, wanted to make it clear this Friday that “there will be no” electoral advance in Andalusia, so that the regional elections will take place in autumn 2022 , “how they play”. “Nobody would understand that we were so stupid as to call elections at this time,” he pointed out.

In statements to Cadena Ser, collected by Europa Press, Juan Marín has stated that both he and the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, “agree” that there is no electoral advance, because we are clear about the roadmap and where we want to go.

He has indicated that now is the time to face the economic recovery and has defended that the reforms and measures of the Board, such as the reduction of taxes or the elimination of bureaucratic obstacles, are bearing fruit and this is being reflected in the economic indicators of Andalusia.

He has also pointed out that now that European funds are going to arrive for the development of projects, it would not be understood that the regional administration was paralyzed for about six months due to an electoral call: It would be to “run to our heads”.

On the other hand, regarding the relations of the Andalusian Government of PP-A and Ciudadanos with its external partner Vox, which has requested an electoral advance, Juan Marín has been convinced that this party is going to insist on that speech about the need to advance the elections because he is looking “more at the polls” than at what we can still do together for Andalusia.

On relations with the PSOE-A in this new stage of leadership of Juan Espadas, he has indicated that the willingness of that party to reach out is not believed because it is the “same PSOE that was with Susana Díaz.” He has expressed that looking to the left, they do not see any willingness for collaboration.

Asked about the polls that point to a drop in the seats of Citizens in Andalusia, he said that he does not believe in the polls, which are only very specific opinions. He has also been convinced – in relation to that debate about a possible electoral coalition between PP-A and Cs – that his formation and the Popular Party will go to the regional elections, each one with its initials and projects.

Marín did want to make it clear that his objective and that of his training is “to renew the current Andalusian Government” of coalition between PP and Cs, because there are many projects “in which to work together.” In his opinion, Andalusia has shown that “it was possible to consolidate a working coalition government.”

He has indicated that since Cs came to Parliament it has given much stability and, at no time, has there been a climate of instability, as a result of the fact that “we have based relations on dialogue and consensus.”

Juan Marín has insisted that the Andalusian Government of PP-A and Cs is in “good health” and is going to reach the end of the legislature.

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