Saturday, May 21

Juanra Bonet: “With ‘La reina del pueblo’ it happened to me as with the great series, I saw it at once”

The queen of the people transports its viewers to the timeless essence of summer in a town, to its parties. There is no shortage of tombolas, calimochos, many melons, piques between families, friendship, laughter and guest stars of medium hair. In this case, in the imaginary town of Polvaredas de la Sierra, to which the Toledo town of Noblejas lent its streets.

The series premiered on June 27 in Atresplayer Premium and among his fans is already Juanra Bonet. The presenter, comedian and actor from Barcelona has seen the six 20-minute episodes that make up the first season and states: “I found it hilarious, very entertaining. We put it at home with the intention of seeing one and that’s it and it happened to us like With the big series, we saw it practically in one day. It has a lot of surprises and the actors and actresses are wonderful. Suddenly meeting Raúl Cimas, meeting Melani Olivares, Canco Rodríguez … they have a lot of chemistry between them and it’s quite a surprise. As soon as you see the first one, I think you will stay like us at home: ‘How? How? Another one!’. Because it is highly recommended for the whole family. ”

“It takes you to nostalgia and at the same time it is very modern. It is happening right now”

The queen of the people he is cheerful in his argument and his image supports this good humor. For Juanra Bonet, it is a very clear bet: “When you are watching it, regardless of the theme of the series, which is quite clear, it takes you back to a time in your life when you went to town, you went to parties. Although it appeals to nostalgia without spitting it out, the color, the planes, the light, the textures, remind you of that summer end of Dynamic Duo that brings certain smells. It has a light and a color that invite you to Two things, on the one hand it leads you to nostalgia, when you went to those parties or you went to your cousin’s parties and you found all that, but at the same time it is a very modern series. What you are watching, will quietly pass in fifteen days in a town next to Madrid, or near Segovia or next to Almería. What you see in the series will happen this summer. I really like that on the one hand you remember and it takes you to but without yelling in your face that you went to EGB. What you are seeing, what you are experiencing in the series is happening right now, while you’re reading this interview. ”

The presenter of the contest Boom On Antena 3 he praises, among other aspects of fiction, its naturalism: “The tone of the dialogues and the acting is very natural and that is something that also surprised us at home because being a comedy and being the type of comedy that It is, as an actress or actor it is tempting to force, it happens to me that I say: ‘I’m going to push a bit because as it is comedy.’ And no, it is all very well directed, very natural despite the grotesque and crazy situations that you go Let’s see”.

“There is not a man with gray hair dyed black pretending to be 17 years old. It is credible”

The same happens with the way of speaking of each group: “Regarding the dialogues it is curious, because each character speaks as his generation speaks but it is not forced at all. As an adult, from the vantage point of the maturity in which I am installed At 47 years old (laughs), when I heard the kids talking to each other, I didn’t feel strange, I didn’t feel that the series was throwing me back and thinking: ‘It’s a product for them.’ No, no, I understood it perfectly and I’m I am convinced, I have gray hair and I am still wrong, but I am convinced that young people I speak of young people! Well… young people, when they see the series they will feel totally identified because there is not suddenly a man who has dyed gray hair in black saying: ‘Hi, what’s up?’ or doing the dance of swish swish, pretending to be 17. It will not happen. It is not: ‘What if Elite would it have gone wrong? ‘ What a eye! It is a series that I propose here, Elite it goes wrong, in everything. The school goes wrong, the AMPA goes wrong, the teachers, everything. There I leave the idea: Elite wrong”.

The queen of the people It has a much lower budget than the series for a platform or general channel. Despite this, he has managed to reunite a remarkable cast, a gang of fully oiled young actors, with Lucía Caraballo, Omar Banana, Ana Jara or Cristina Colom and a handful of adults with very prominent figures such as Marta Fernández Muro, Roberto Álamo, Canco Rodríguez, Melani Olivares or Alberto Casado. But Bonet has a weakness among them: “My favorite character is Raúl Cimas, but here I can’t be objective because I’m a big fan of Raúl Cimas. He seems to me the funniest man in Spain, I’m in love with him. he especially likes the role he plays in The Queen, of town crier. And I’m tempted to tell a gag but it would be like explaining a magician’s trick, the fact is that Raúl is perfect. I am team Raúl, I put on your shirt. He is wonderful and, although it seems that his role as a town crier is a capsule that repeats itself over time, no. Because there is a small evolution and a seed that is germinating within the town crier. I’m not going to say more. ”

Apart from Cimas, the interpretation that is giving the most to talk about the production is that of Melani Olivares. This is how the presenter and comedian has seen her: “The character of Melani Olivares I think, watching the series, that it is written for her. I cannot imagine another actress doing that the way she does it. She is a lost Miss Spain, a toy television. Seeing as he is, you may think: “What a surly, unfriendly, more uptight character, what is he about? Who does he think he is?” But little by little we are discovering that he has a little heart, well, a heart that only needs love. The character’s journey is especially optimistic. I think it also gives us a lot of hope when we see people who a priori push us back but who scratch a little, with a couple of hugs and giving them time and love you can see their hearts. Melani’s character is very cool and she is very funny. Very funny. ”

The character played by Melani Olivares, a Miss Spain in the doldrums, could have her own series

The strength and comedy of Melani Olivares ‘performance as Estrella Bernal, the deranged and endearing beauty queen, has been such that the series’ director and screenwriter, Raúl Navarro, and the actress are in talks to make a sequel with the life of this third-rate star in Madrid.

Filming for the series was complicated by the tight filming schedule and sanitary restrictions. For Bonet, it is great to be able to have products like this one, as he says: “Thanks to the internet, what an old phrase, but thanks to the internet there are many low-budget projects and that allows people who have many limitations but a lot of creativity to have the opportunity to bring your product to the general public “.

In return, as a spectator it is difficult to reach all the proposals: “I believe that there is a lot of audiovisual offer and frankly, we are all overwhelmed. There are two ways to find out about the premieres, one is the three, four, five people or creators of the that you are aware because you are interested in what they do and then what the people you trust recommend to you. And word of mouth. Many times it is more valuable for someone to tell you: “You have to see this” than a thousand posters at stops by bus. It’s difficult to get there but I think The queen of the people it’s going to be one of those “hey, have you seen this?”