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Judge who voted for the release of the Bitcoin Pharaoh leaves the class that judges the case | Bitcoin Portal

The only one to vote to release Glaidson Acácio dos Santos from prison, judge William Douglas asked to be transferred in October to the group responsible for the case. He ruled in favor of the Pharaoh of Bitcoin and owner of GAS Consultoria and then returned to his area.

The musical chairs was reported on Tuesday (25) by the magazine Look. Douglas generally judges tax cases. The Second Panel of the Federal Regional Court of the 2nd Region deals with criminal proceedings and it was there that the magistrate asked to be transferred.

The exchange was made with André Fontes, who confirmed to the magazine that it was his colleague who asked for the change. Wanted, the TRF of the 2nd Region has not yet expressed itself on the subject.

“According to sources, William Douglas is a judge awarded for his productivity and thought he would have a great contribution to give to a complex group like the penal one”, informs the report.

But shortly after voting on Glaidson’s habeas corpus request, the judge decided to return to tax cases.

“Sources said, however, that the judge sought him out again because he wanted to change his post, saying that the productivity system he had implemented as a judge was good for a single subject, not for three themes as happened in the second group of the TRF”, he says. the report.

pay for release

In his vote for Glaidson’s HC, William Douglas literally proposes that the entrepreneur exchange the provisional release for reimbursement of clients.

According to the judge, only the entrepreneur would have access to the funds. But it’s not clear why he can’t give someone a power of attorney or simply reveal the keys to a lawyer – the fact that he’s in prison is not per se a deterrent.

“He (the ex-waiter) obviously has every interest in solving the problem with the courts and I believe he will be able to return that money to everyone. And he will know how to return it, he will be able to return all that money because he who has access to it, we will not be able to do it alone. So, my vote is that we link his release to the return of the values ​​that are…. of the values ​​of the people who invested with him. That’s my vote,” Douglas said at the time.

Courtmates disagree

The rapporteur, federal judge Flávio Lucas, said there’s a real chance of escape, that Glaidosn’s wife continues to operate in the market after her arrest and that there are indications of involvement with the militia, which puts public safety at risk.

Federal judge Marcello Granado fully accompanied the rapporteur, noting that the lack of formal accounting by GAS would also indicate non-compliance with the mandatory communications provided for in the money laundering law.

Terribly Evangelical

William Douglas was mentioned as one of the names that President Jair Bolsonaro thought to be the minister of the “terribly evangelical” Supreme Court.

According to Veja, Douglas would have the support of Senator Flávio Bolsonaro, the president’s son.

“What the STF needs and what Brazil deserves and is entitled to is a minister who judges with impartiality and who applies and defends the letter of the Federal Constitution. A Supreme Court needs to have a minimum representation of the society in which it is inserted and respect the values ​​of the Brazilian people”, Doulas told the newspaper. Brazilian Mail.

GAS Consulting Case

Glaidson has been in prison since August on charges of a crime against the national financial system, allegedly applied from his company GAS Consultoria. The business is known in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, for offering controversial cryptocurrency investment contracts.

The Federal Police, the CVM and the Public Ministry, joined documents seized in the Kryptos operation and the Justice made him a defendant earlier this month, along with 16 other defendants. His wife Mirelis Zarpa, the likely head of the business that promised 10% monthly earnings, is still at large.

At the time of the arrest of Glaidson and other suspects, PF and IRS agents seized 591 bitcoins, valued at around R$195 million at the current price, dozens of luxury cars and more than R$13 million in cash.

The case has already reached the Superior Court of Justice, which denied the HC.

attempted murder

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro announced in October last year the indictment of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos for attempted murder. The owner of GAS Consultoria, also known as Pharaoh of Bitcoin, is suspected of ordering the murder of Nilson Alves da Silva in March of this year.

As reported by the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, Nilson would be spreading throughout the city of Cabo Frio (RJ) that the owner of GAS would be arrested and this motivated Glaidson to order his murder.

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro also accuses Glaidson of having ordered the death of Wesley Pessano, who was found shot to death on August 4 of last year in São Pedro da Aldeia, Lagos Region.