Sunday, July 3

Judges and Judges for Democracy criticize the order that endorses the Vox poster: “Foreign minors are not a social problem”

The association of progressive magistrates Judges and Judges for Democracy has released a statement on Wednesday in which it criticizes the arguments offered on Monday by the Provincial Court of Madrid in the car with which it endorsed the Vox cartel against foreign minors. In said resolution, the court considered without data that this group represents “an obvious political and social problem.”

Vox charges migrant minors with manipulated data in their campaign posters

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But Judges and Judges for Democracy refutes that thesis. “We want to show that unaccompanied foreign minors are not a social problem. On the contrary, it is a group that tends to present multiple vulnerabilities: due to age, lack of adult references, language deficiencies, being victims of crimes in many occasions “, explains the aforementioned association in its statement.

The organization explains that “in addition, its numerical entity is very small, with hardly any impact on crime rates or the creation of social conflicts.” “This perception is shared by society itself, which has never shown concern or alarm about the institutional care of unaccompanied foreign minors, as can be seen in official sociological studies. In any case, these are minors who require state protection , in accordance with the provisions of our laws and international treaties signed by our country “, he adds.

Next, Judges and Judges for Democracy criticize that “despite the fact that there is no such social problem, there are sectors that opportunistically intend to turn these minors into a kind of scapegoat, through xenophobic mechanisms of instrumentalization emotional”. “Our institutions must reject any form of gratuitous criminalization that affects minors and take extreme measures of protection that are necessary,” he concludes.

False data

Finally, the association recalls “that the Ombudsman in his latest report has shown his concern over the proliferation of hate speech against these children, as well as has called for the adoption of measures to eradicate these speeches.” “From Judges and Judges for Democracy we reiterate our commitment to fundamental rights, especially of those who are most vulnerable and therefore need to be more protected,” they settle.

On April 20, in the middle of the Madrid campaign, the Sol metro station woke up with the electoral poster that the rest of the candidates called “xenophobic and racist” and that read “One mena, 4,700 euros a month, your grandmother, 426 euros of pension / month “. In reality, the poster contained false information. No migrant minor under the guardianship of the Community of Madrid receives direct aid of 4,700 euros, as Vox implied in its campaign. The figure provided by the far-right party refers to the cost per place of one of the shelters for minors under guardianship in the Community of Madrid managed by the Diagrama Foundation, which includes all expenses related to the resource, from its workers to maintenance.