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Juliano Caju: teaching the pains and joys of cryptocurrency mining on Youtube | Bitcoin Portal

At 41, Juliano Caju had a boom in 2021. canal no YouTube in August it had 7 thousand subscribers and now it has 25 thousand. All focused on how to mine cryptocurrencies — and profit from the activity.

He still answers everyone, but it seems that will no longer be possible soon. cashew talked with the Portal do Bitcoin about the state of cryptomede mining in the country. According to the expert, the profit is at 4.5% of the invested, and the market here is focused on Ethereum.

A web developer since 1997, Caju was emancipated at the age of 17 to be able to open his company. It still exists today, but currently takes up only half of the entrepreneur’s time. The rest goes to YouTube and family.

“I see YouTube as a business, not a hobby or something to make me famous. I calculate the value of my hour, which I would earn if I were working at the company, and that is my goal”, he says.

The mother of all doubts: how many boards can there be?

But Cashew went far beyond making a YouTube channel about mining. He started to catalog the biggest doubts, needs and anxieties of the mining community in Brazil and proposed to address all of this in your site.

“The biggest question was: I’m going to buy this motherboard; how many video cards fit? Nobody knows. I created a section on my website where you miner take a screenshot of your motherboard, with how many video cards it has, send it to me and I publish it. Today I have a ratio of more than 180 motherboards with the amount of each video card each one can handle. Before, I had to be researching on Reddit, going to an Australian forum…”.

Caju also created a news sector, made a bot that compares e-commerces and shows the cheapest megahash for real, connected several marketplaces from which it earns percentages for sales, added Google’s advertising. Today he earns more from the site than from YouTube.

The entrepreneur wants to be a starting, middle and end point for those who want to mine.

“The person watching my videos and accessing my website can buy the products, assemble the rig, overclock and fix errors that appear. I I’ve cataloged more than 40 errors“, it says.

The six replacements for Ethereum

Cashew is a mining worker. In his channel, he has a series he calls “overclocking profitability”, in which he takes every video card on the market and develops overclocking for seven coins. Ethereum and six others consider they will replace Ethereum when the network goes to version 2.0: ravencoin, ergo, flux, fero, conflux and bin.

The entrepreneur has already tested more than 20 video cards – each test lasts seven days. Altogether it adds a thousand dollars in these altcoins, just with the tests for the channel.

“I only talk about what I test. I’m not talking about what I just read. Everything I say I did in practice”, says the miner.

Currently, Cashew takes advantage of his company’s infrastructure and leaves two rigs mining Ethereum. It has invoiced around R$ 11 thousand per month.

He had covid from July to August and the rig was working for 17 days, with him following the app from home, without anyone going to work in person.

“Mining doesn’t take time. After you rig the rig, you get the mallets, it becomes passive income. With a program on your cell phone you can see how the boards are working, you can turn it on and off remotely. Only cleaning once a month”.

The information you want to know to mine Ethereum:

  • Minimum 6 gig video card required.
  • Ethereum mining in Brazil is yielding 4.5% profit, as long as the cryptocurrency stays above the R$20,000 barrier. This means that R$ 10 thousand invested generate R$ 450; R$ 20 thousand generate nine hundred.
  • Profitability reached 9% in May this year.
  • The red flag, which increased the value of electricity, lowered earnings by 15%.
  • In addition, the computational difficulty of mining Ethereum only increases and the miner still hasn’t felt it heavily due to the fact that crypto has valued a lot throughout the year.
  • Until two months ago, 100 mega hashes made 0.0020 ETH; now the same power produces 0.0018.
  • It’s a passive income: knowing how to assemble a rig well, maintenance is minimal and everything can be controlled by a mobile app.