Wednesday, May 18

Junqueras defends his commitment to dialogue because it facilitates “international recognition”

The ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, has defended the path of dialogue and negotiation against the unilateral one to advance towards independence because “it opens the doors of recognition by the international community.” “The firmer we are in defending dialogue and negotiation, and the more convinced we are in defending seeking an agreement and a democratic solution that allows citizens to decide by voting on their future, the easier it will be for the international community to understand us. “, he explained in a TV3 interview this Friday night collected by Europa Press.

Junqueras and ERC prisoners meet Marta Rovira in Geneva

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Although he has recognized that there are unilateral components in the actions he defends to achieve independence, he has affirmed that the unilateral path “until now, it has been found that it does not open the doors of international recognition.” A validation that, he adds, he says will be decisive for the independence process.

For the ERC leader, the full recognition of an independent Catalan republic within the international community and the European Union is multilateral: “The resolution of the conflict from a global perspective is always multilateral.”

Asked if he would organize the 1-O again, he detailed that circumstances have changed and that “he would repeat it, but better: being more and being stronger, weaving more complicities, more alliances and seeking that recognition, which is essential to have success”.

On the total of 5.4 million euros of accounting responsibility that the Court of Accounts claims about 40 former positions of the Generalitat for alleged diversion of funds to promote the independence process abroad, it has ensured that you are willing to assume the cost: “We will solve it in the best way that we can, and if not, we will assume the consequences, as we have always done.”