Saturday, May 28

Junqueras questions the credibility of spying on Sánchez: “It could be a smoke screen”

He believes that the Government makes “twists in the story” to avoid assuming responsibilities for Pegasus


The leader of the ERC, Oriol Junqueras, has questioned this Monday the credibility of the espionage to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, through the Pegasus program: “It is evident that it can be a smoke screen” .

“How can we know that what the Spanish Government explains is true?”, he asked at a press conference, in which he assured that the credibility of Pedro Sánchez’s Executive is low as long as he does not assume responsibilities for espionage against independentistas.

Junqueras has accused the Government of making “twists in the story” to avoid assuming responsibilities for the Pegasus case, since he considers that the central Executive continues without giving explanations about the espionage to independentistas.

“The Spanish government has gone in a few days to deny that there was espionage, then affirm that, if there was espionage, it is because we deserved it, we have heard a minister assuring that yes they had spied on us but because we deserve it. A few days later it turns out that they have been spied on. These twists in the story, this story that they are permanently building in an attempt to avoid taking responsibility, what credibility can it have? ”, She added.

The Republican leader has defended that the Government’s announcement that Sánchez and Robles’ phones have been infected by the Pegasus software “may be a smoke screen to try to dilute responsibilities.”

“We do not know to what extent the Spanish Government is building a smoke screen to try to dilute its responsibility in the espionage against the independence movement or to what extent the Spanish Government is a victim of the espionage that it has allowed against the independence movement and that now it turns out that we know who have also spied on him”, he added.

However, he has warned that in any case the Government must give explanations before the espionage to independentistas: “In the event that it is a smoke screen, the responsibilities are tremendous. But in the event that it is not a smokescreen, too”.

For him, if Sánchez and Robles are really affected by Pegasus, the Government should assume responsibilities because it has the duty to “protect itself against its own State apparatuses.”

As to whether the espionage could have been carried out by another State, Junqueras replied that the logical thing is that the independence movement is spied on by whoever is interested, that is, “the repressive apparatus of the State.”


When asked if the ERC will not support the Government’s initiatives in Congress until it assumes responsibility for espionage, as happened last week with the anti-crisis decree, Junqueras warned that “the longer they take to assume responsibility, the more it will cost them.” rebuild the trust they have damaged.”

He has argued that the actions of the Republicans in Congress will depend on what the Government does, “to what extent it assumes the responsibilities that correspond to it, and to what extent the Spanish Government tries to restore or heal the trust that it has damaged.”


Asked how the dialogue table looks on this matter, Junqueras has insisted that the ERC continues to defend that this table and the negotiation with the Government are a useful tool to resolve the Catalan conflict, but he has warned that, while the Sánchez Executive does not assume responsibilities for the Pegasus case, “it makes the conditions of this negotiation table very difficult.”

“When it is evident that one of the parties at the negotiating table is spying on the other party and refuses to assume responsibility, it makes the conditions of this negotiating table very difficult,” he has sentenced.

In addition, the president of ERC has criticized that when it is the independentsitas who take this alleged espionage to justice, the Prosecutor’s Office “acts slowly” but when it is the Government they are in a hurry, according to him.

In this sense, he has criticized the role of the Prosecutor’s Office in this matter, since he regrets that “nothing has happened” since the former President of the Parliament and current Minister of Business and Labor, Roger Torrent, took the Pegasus case to court.

The deputy general secretary and spokesperson for the party, Marta Vilalta, was scheduled to appear at this press conference, as is customary every Monday, but after the Government’s announcement that Sánchez and Robles have been infected by the Pegasus software, ERC has modified the call and Junqueras has left.

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